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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bobtails!~ Anniversary Update!!

Bobtails!~ will be releasing an entire new/updated line of our Felis Mods starting this month in January.  Prepare to see some of the most popular Felis mods recreated and released in our main store soon along with some new additions!  I know we've been in hiatus for a long time, but that's only been to make this year the most awesome year Bobtails has seen yet!~  We're on our way to great new places! We hope to see you there with us!

-The Bobtails!~ Team

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Copy Botters of BT Products

I have been at war with this person for about a year and a half now. Every time they think I'm not looking they try to copy and rip off my products even harder.
In this picture, they have copied and blurred out my old Felis Face texture (horribly I might add), to make it look like their own work. They too, have done this with the eyes.
They have stolen the spots (obviously) off of my old mods, and positioned them on to different spots on their mods, in attempt to make them their own.
And worse off, not shown, is the fact that they often try to mimic my color schemes and Holiday mods with their own cheaper versions.
This person is a disgrace. Seriously.
The best part about all of this is that in the beginning they were a customer of mine. Better yet, a customer that I HELPED when they came to me with modding questions.
All in all, I basically helped them rip off my store. So this is the thanks I get for helping people.
I haven't modded in months, and its things like this that is making me slowly close the Bobtails!~ Store one day at a time due to lack of inspiration.
How inspiring is this?
My customers report this shit to me every other week. So Radioactiv, while I might not be watching, I apparently have eyes everywhere.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Regarding Halloween Events

Unfortunately I am going to be canceling the Halloween Day hunt, and the Halloween Ball.  I have been fighting with health problems this entire month, and it has been determined that the events this month and the stress that comes from them, is only deteriorating my health further.  Tomorrow's hunt will still be on.  But it will be our last hunt this Halloween Season.

I heavily apologize for canceling some of the festivities, but as any of you know who have been with us for a long time, we learn from our mistakes.  I can say that November will see some Holiday goodies, as will December (but of course.) I will also say that the December Christmas festivities will balance out what was missed from Halloween.

On the topic of mods, I know I've only released two.  I promised you guys four, and I'm still going to aim for that. But as of this point my health conditions have been unpredictable and I'm not sure that the final four will be released.  The hunt mod however, will be able to be completed tomorrow.  Hunt prizes after Friday, will remain on sale until November 1st, at 12:00AM CST.

Also, Halloween mods will remain available until the end of Novemeber in order to make up for some of what we've lacked.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

-Ingkeu (owner of Bobtails!~)


Friday, October 12, 2012

Common Decency

When you walk into the Lemon Tea/Bobtails shop, or our hunt grounds for that matter, think of it like stepping into someone's house.  You are a guest.  This may be the internet, but Sei and Myself both require people to have common decency. Honestly, the things I have seen from people this month have both disgusted and out right disappointed me.  We have had to ban multiple people recently just because they cannot keep their attitudes in check. Do us a favor, when you walk in the shop, be polite.  We don't expect you to kiss our feet or anything, but don't walk in and say how shitty items are to your friends, or harass other customers. If you're unsure of yourself, talk to your friends in IM. If you don't think we'll get your humor, talk to your friends in IM.  For the love of god, if someone won't tell you where they got something, don't take pictures of them without their permission. That is not only harassment, but against the TOS of Second Life and CERTAINLY not allowed on any of our properties.  Remember when you were a kid and your parents or teachers taught you to treat people the way you'd like to be treated, that extends to our part of the internet. If you can't do it. Don't come.  You'll end  up banned, and I like my sledgebat ban hammer. :3

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!: Hunt #1

Hey, everyone!

Bobtails!~ and {Lemon Tea} are hosting a Halloween hunt today! We'll have several throughout the month, but they only last around 24 hours! Below is a pic with this week's hunt prizes. Be sure to check it out!

The hunt is on a parcel next to the shop (there are arrows pointing towards it) in a spooky house we set up. Prizes are hidden in candy corn hunt objects which you simply need to stand within 2 meters of and click to receive a prize. There are 5 to look for this week!

Happy October!

Sei Minuet & Ingkeu Soonkyu

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is Halloween

Hello everyone! Sei and I have been very excited about this upcoming spooky season and have been hard at work preparing all the fun for next month. I've got quite a bit of information to give out in this blog post, so get your Second Life pocket books ready to write down some special dates and times!  Here is the official information about the up-coming Second Bobtails!~ Halloween Season.

As you can see from the small teaser above, we have a humorous display of last year's mods either maimed or hanged at the gallows as our group joiner.  This is because those mods are retired.  They will never again be available for purchase so please, enjoy the display and the new mods that will be released this year in their wake. RIP: Bobtails 1.0, but don't worry, Bobtails 2.0 has a lot in store for you.

There will be a grand total of five hunts during the month of October.  They will happen every Friday ALL day for 24 hours.  On Halloween we will have one last hunt, one with a Grand Prize. Details on the hunts will be released as we progress into October.  However, here is the date line up for them:

{Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ Halloween Hunt #1:  October 5th, 2012

{Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ Halloween Hunt #2:  October 12th, 2012

{Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ Halloween Hunt #3:  October 19th, 2012

{Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ Halloween Hunt #4:  October 26th, 2012

{Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ Hallows Eve Hunt:  October 31st, 2012

Once you arrive at the main store there will be posters and note cards explaining how the hunt will work, what you will be looking for, and where you will be looking.  Please be sure to pay careful attention to the instructions. Those who fail to follow rules and instructions will be disqualified and banned from the hunt parcel (not the stores) and will not be able to participate in any further Halloween Hunts in 2012.  The hunt will take place on the back side of the store in a fresh new parcel. This new parcel contains a haunted woods and house where the hunt items will be located!

"{Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ Halloween Haunted Hunt Grounds"

I am happy to say that October won't be without quite a few Bobtails!~ Halloween releases.  One mod will be released each week of October on Fridays totaling up to four new mods at the least for this Halloween.  However, there may be more than four mods released. If there are, it will be a surprise. Their release dates will be random. We will also be releasing a handful of new spooky themed accessories for our Mods. New eyes and makeups will be released for our available retailing mods excluding the My Little Lynxie mods. Any eyes released will fit the Chinchilla, Felis, and Human avatars.

"Bobtails!~ 2.0 Halloween Mod Preview"

And last but not least I am happy to announce that both {Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!~ will be hosting a joint Halloween Ball this year. It will be packed with music, food, and of course raffles which will be raffling off free products from both stores!  So please, mark your calenders for Saturday, October 27th 2012.  The Hallows Eve Ball will start at 03:00 PM SLT!~

Both Sei and I greatly look forward to seeing you this Holiday season and we hope that you enjoy the festivities provided for you by {Lemon Tea} & Bobtails!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

New! Bobtails!~ T-Shirts

In World:

So these are new and something I've been considering doing for a long time.  I'm one of those crazy -must- have T-Shirt kinda people both in Second Life and Real Life.  I've always thought of tees as a great way to express yourself, not to mention they go with -everything.-  Tell everyone what your favorite band is, who your favorite person is, get the message out, express yourself! That's the glory behind tees.  So I finally caved and bought a creator's pack.  This will be the first of many mesh tees in this style, all with different images and messages.  As it stands I felt this one may be an appropriate start. 

I hope everyone enjoys them! Stay Bobalicious!~